I've been using openwrt on my linksys-wrt before and since I was very happy about it, I installed it on my slug. I just followed the instructions and the links on and everything worked fine


"Adding Optware packages to OpenWrt" on didn't seem to be correct. I formatted my stick to ext3 as instructed but used the whole stick. After I unplugged the stick and plugged it back in, I noticed it didn't get mounted. After a little debugging I found /sbin/usb-storage which had incorrect rights. Fixed it with chmod a+x /sbin/usb-storage.
I created a link to /mnt/usbdisk and named it /opt and installed the optware package.
Currently I'm using this config in my /opt/etc/ipkg.conf:
src optware
dest /opt/

bluetooth: hcid


/usr/bin/pand --role NAP --listen: I need a bridge get up and running
Modified to access my SonyEricsson

/opt/bin/pand --listen --role=PANU --devup /opt/etc/bluetooth/dev-up
contents of /opt/etc/bluetooth/dev-up:
/usr/bin/logger -t $(basename $0) running $0 $*
ifup bnep0 2>&1| /usr/bin/logger -t $(basename $0)
ifconfig bnep0 up
brctl addif br-lan bnep0 2>&1| /usr/bin/logger -t $(basename $0)

(it could be related to BtOnLinux, BtWiki and BtSlug )


I tried it remote:
  • get into redboot using Note: type control-C twice. Once to interrupt arping, a second time to interrupt redboot.
  • get into upgrade mode using upgrade command
  • use upslug to upgrade: codeupslug2 -i /tmp/openwrt-nslu2-2.6-squashfs.bin -t 00:14:BF:63:XX:XX -d eth2code

upgrade march 2009

  • upgraded to openwrt 8.09


  • smtp
  • hotplug and autorun


  • hellanzb + external HD: it just needs more memory I guess.
  • ruby: I think I got confronted with a lack of memory. It's been a while ago since I tried it and I forgot the error code.